Dating Round One & Two

This feels like the perfect time to kick off a new blog, about my wedding planning (and crafting!) journey. Today marks 8 years that Theo and I have been together, and we are just beginning our wedding planning adventure. We’ve been through a lot together and proved that we are meant to be. Below is a short and sweet version of our love story and how we’ve made it to 8 years as a couple.

Junior High romance was something Theo was familiar with, he had been in a two-year relationship in Junior High which resulted in a painful breakup. Clearly Theo wasn’t afraid of commitment since most Junior High relationships only last weeks.

I spied him from my seat in my seventh grade art class where Theo was a class helper (let’s be honest, he used it as an opportunity to hang out with his girlfriend) and I thought he was sooo cute but knew he was unavailable. About a year later he was single and I knew I needed to seize the opportunity to get to know him better.

I got the courage to talk to him, (by letting others know I was interested in  him and getting his yahoo messenger ID) and we started to talk fairly nonstop, a two or three hour phone conversation was not unusual and inside jokes from long conversations led to our first relationship. At the time, we were young and Theo was only recently out of a serious relationship. So at that period in our lives, it only lasted for a few months. Through our breakup we remained friends and kept in touch through high school.

Years later, during Theo’s Senior year and my Junior year (thanks to the alphabet and our last names beginning with the same letter) we were seated together during study hall. We used that time joking together and started flirting. In April, he asked me on a “first date” to the beach at the Geneva State Park and it was like no time had passed. Things were easy and we had fun without desperately trying to impress each other. We watched the sunset and walked on the beach and overall had a great time together. We both had (other) dates for Prom on May 4th, but neither of us had spoken to our date in weeks. We agreed that we would still ride with our predetermined groups, but as far as dinner and dancing  were concerned, we were attending as each other’s dates. During the last slow song of the night, (probably “All My Life” by KC & Jojo??) Theo asked me to be his girlfriend and the rest as they say is history.

DSCF7754IMG_0248DSCF7123Greek Week 2010 014

Theo attended college out-of-state in Orlando, Florida.  For 2 years, Theo and I had a long distance relationship during which we talked on the phone EVERY SINGLE NIGHT and made secret wishes together at 11:11pm. Together we made it through the long distance (which became less distance once Theo came back to Ohio and lived in Columbus while I attended college in Bowling Green). During that period of time, Theo helped me deal with the loss of my mother’s battle to cancer and shared in the joy of my father’s marriage to my stepmother.
winter 09 088210068_10150551650425437_608570436_18008155_3483587_o

After I graduated college, Theo and I moved to an apartment in Toledo with Theo’s miniature long-haired dachshund, Teddy. After living together for 6 months, Theo proposed and that leads us to today where we recently moved back to Northeast Ohio where we could be closer to friends and family.


Today, Theo and I celebrate 8 AMAZING years together and look forward to spending the rest of our lives together. I hope you too can enjoy our journey to becoming husband and wife and I look forward to sharing our lives and wedding planning adventures with you!



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