What I Don’t Plan to DIY and WHY: the “Major” Things

My Dress and the Attire for Everyone Else: I plan to buy something new and then sell it after the wedding to get a good deal on a dress. I don’t want to give that kind of responsibility to myself or even someone who I love and trust–I don’t want to put that kind of pressure on someone who doesn’t do this everyday. (Even though I love the idea of something completely custom-made). I feel the same way about the outfits for my sweet groom-to-be and our wonderful bridal party.



The Photography: We have all intentions of spending a decent portion of the budget on photography as it’s the only thing that will be left when it’s over other than our own memories.

pink bm

via 100 Layer Cake

The Food: The food is something we will select from the catering provided by our venue, and the dessert will likely also be made by a professional or at the bare minimum a friend or family member who does this as a personal business. Again, I don’t want to burden someone I love who doesn’t do this everyday. For drinks, we are able to provide our own alcohol to the venue but their bartenders will serve it.

banana split 2

via Christy’s Cakes and Creations

The Venue: Yes, there will be scores of hand-made decor and hand-arranged floral items but we are not actually assembling anything for the venue or holding it on our own property (or property of anyone we know for that matter) so that is of no concern.

toms ceremony

via One Red Door Photography

The Music: We will definitely hire a professional DJ to play music throughout the evening. Although we could probably select a wonderful playlist ourselves (I joked with Theo he should be a part-time wedding DJ) we don’t want to have to worry about it and don’t want ourselves or a friend to be concerned about dj’ing rather than being a part of our celebration.


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