My Pinterest Obsession

Most brides-to-be have a Pinterest Board for their wedding plans. I am completely Pinterest obsessed (I have over 28,000 pins–126 boards and 1500+ followers). I have 11 wedding-focused boards with the following titles:

I. Do. Dreams

This board has become a catch-all. It was the original wedding board before it started to overflow with wedding inspiration. Over time, I sorted many of the pins into their respective boards but this board holds anything miscellaneous as well as ideas for friends.

I. Do. Dreams. – Prep

This board is devoted to ideas to stay organized with all of the details before the wedding.

I. Do. Dreams. – Attire

This board (and a secret Bridal Gown board!) hold all of my bridal gown inspiration, bridesmaid, flower girls, and mother-of-the bride inspiration, and menswear inspiration for our wedding.

I. Do. Dreams. – Floral

This board is brimming with floral inspiration! We are planning on arranging the wedding flowers ourselves so we need all of the help and visual inspiration we can get!

I. Do. Dreams. – Photography

This board has inspiration for all of the photos from our Engagement session through to the end of our wedding day!

I. Do. Dreams. – Dinner, Dessert and Favors

This is where I have been storing ideas for our cocktails, appetizers, dinner, and desserts!

I. Do. Dreams. – Ceremony

This board has specific passages and ideas to make our ceremony uniquely us.

I. Do. Dreams. – Decor

This is the board that might as well be called “wedding porn”. This is where most of my Kate Spade “theme” is going to show through, with that perfect combo of class and femininity.

I. Do. Dreams. – Cards, Notes and Signage

This board is devoted to stationery and signs to help guide our guests. This is where I’ve saved inspiration for the perfect Kate Spade-inspired invitation suite as well as hand-lettering inspiration.

I. Do. Dreams. – Shower

This board is full of bridal shower inspiration. Some that I thought might be a fun theme for a shower in my honor (to help give my bridesmaids some ideas) as well as a storage spot for fun ideas for hosting showers for friends in the future!

I. Do. Dreams. – Gifts to Give

This board is full of sweet ideas of gifts for all of the special people in our wedding who have done so much for us and been there throughout the process and throughout our relationship.

I have another secret board devoted to creating a wish list and collection of good ideas for our future wedding registry, and once we get closer to creating our registry I’ll share our checklist and some of the great ideas I’ve pinned along the way!


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