The Proposal Story

The one you’ve all been waiting for.

Theo proposed to me on Tuesday, November 25th, 2014. Today is six months we’ve been engaged!

Tuesday, November 25th, 2014

I got home from an after-work hair appointment and picking up some Thanksgiving grocery items around 9:00pm. Theo was on his computer and we chatted about our day and I played with our miniature dachshund, Teddy. Days earlier, I had assembled our new faux Christmas tree in the living room but had not decorated it yet. Theo told me that he hung the first ornament on the tree, and at first glance I didn’t see anything. Theo said he hung the ornament on the back side of the tree. I thought this was odd, but went to look for the “ornament” anyway.

When I arrived to the tree and peeked around the back side, I saw a small bag from the jewelry store where Theo had told me weeks earlier he had purchased a ring for me. (He knew it would be too hard to keep such a special secret from me! How sweet!) I immediately thought he was pulling my leg and that it must be an early Christmas gift (I had asked for a new chain for my necklace). I took the bag off of the tree and looked inside to see a small box. I took the lid off of the box to find a hinged ring box inside. I opened the ring box and….it was EMPTY.

I looked at Theo, who was sitting on the couch and said “You turd!”. Before I knew it however, Theo was on his knee in front of me holding the customized ring we had dreamed up months before. Theo spoke what was in his heart and was shaking, I couldn’t stop smiling. To this day, neither I nor Theo know exactly what he said to me other than the question at the ending of his sweet speech: “Jessica, will you marry me?” and I said “Of course!”


Theo confessed later on that night that earlier in the day when he called my dad, Doug to ask for his blessing (which Doug happily gave) that he knew all of his grand plans to construct some kind of elaborate proposal wouldn’t happen. He couldn’t wait any longer and knew he had to propose that night. After picking up the ring he was too excited to keep it a secret much longer.


After over 7 and a half years together, Theo and I were finally engaged!


These are the “Engaged in 2014” ornaments our families gave us for Christmas to hang on our tree!


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