Our Little Teddybear

Teddy has brought so much joy to our lives since the day that he came into it.

Teddy was a teensy little 8-week old furball when Theo purchased him on New Year’s Eve. As I arrived to the house where he and all of his friends lived to celebrate the holiday, he told me he had a surprise. As I came down the stairs I knew immediately it was a puppy when I saw the potty pad on the floor in the corner. He introduced me to the sweetest little dog who immediately stole my heart. He is my furbaby.


Ted is snug as a bug in my Ugg.


Look at that little snuggler!! Almost all he did was sleep.

I was actually the one who decided his name. Between Theo and his roommates the top name contender was Winston. I had recently heard that dogs tend to respond well to “eeee” sounds so it was good to name them something with an “eee” sound at the end. I think Jenna Marbles might have been right.

*Please note this video has some adult language.*

We also thought it should be short and easy to repeat. After thinking about how Theo never wanted to be called Ted or Teddy, it was perfect for the sweet tiny puppy resting in his lap. Our little Teddybear.



Today, Teddy is a spunky 3-year-old pup who loves cuddling and fetch and hates the vacuum and blow dryer. The only loud noise he gets happy-excited about is the Magic Bullet…because that means I’m making a smoothie and if he stares at me cute enough he will get a little bit of the fruit and yogurt-y goodness. He’s generally very well-behaved but loves us so much that he gets very defensive when he hears people outside and has separation anxiety when we leave him. We love him like he’s our child (his favorite spot in the house is on my lap) and can’t imagine our home and our little family without him in it.

DSCF9604IMG_2214IMG_0825 IMG_0828

Ted says “Hi!” and that you better get used to his sweet little face because you’ll be seeing a lot more of it. 😉 !


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