Mom: My Crafting Inspiration

For my Mom, crafting was a hobby, a business and a getaway. She passed away in October of 2011 but before that had our basement FULL of crafting supplies including lots of inventory for her at-home rubber stamping business. She would host parties where she would teach the ladies a few new projects, like some handmade greeting cards, gift bags and customized stationery. My Mom made beautifully outstanding cards and found unique ways to use all kinds of things in her crafting. I have a great sense of pride when I give out one of the cards she made. She was constantly researching what the new techniques were and adding items to her collection to build upon her crafting opportunities. Before she had gotten into rubber stamping, she was really into sewing projects and I cherish that I have her sewing machine from when she was young. (Fun fact, it’s the sewing machine I used when I sewed a handmade quilt for Theo years ago!)

From my Mom I not only inherited my own inventory of crafting supplies, but a love for making things with my own two hands. From her, I learned to use things in unexpected ways. I definitely think it’s fair to “blame” my crafting gene on her. I also inherited a sense of frugality from her as she rarely ever paid full price for any item she used to craft with, this same mentality led her (and me!) to find ways to use scrap materials in creative ways. She even bought her library of crafting magazines with a coupon!

Another thing I get from my Mom is my slightly “fearless” streak when it comes to crafting. It leads me to believe that the risk will be worth the reward and that I can just go for it. I try to do my research before jumping head-on into something– but I’m not afraid of failure, because often I can (as Tim Gunn says) “make it work” or find another use for the failed materials later. Sometimes you just have to take the plunge (even when you have finite resources) and just try it out, and hope for the best— you can only go through so much pre-planning before you have to bite the bullet and start the project.

I’ve completed quite a few projects since we got engaged and I’m so excited to share everything with you along the way!

I miss my Mom all the time and although I’ve only started wedding planning, I know it’s going to be hard to plan my wedding without her. Luckily, I have an amazing Stepmom, a group of incredible friends and a loving Dad and fiancé to get me through it.
Lastly, to all the moms out there– especially the ladies who have made an impact in my own life, Thank you for everything you do. Thanks for being you everyday and sharing your love. Happy Mother’s Day!!


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