Designing My Engagement Ring

I had told Theo over a year ago that I did not want a diamond for my engagement ring. I wanted a morganite. His reply of “what’s that?” led me to explain it is a pink (peachy pink to lavender) beryl stone, a member of the emerald family. I discovered it sort of at random on Weddingbee and fell in love through this bloggers post and had continued to do research (which I believe is what originally brought me to Weddingbee as a regular reader).


via lovemaegan

I had done research on the hardness, (like emerald) how to care for it (it does tend to attract oil) and the colors it came in. I found some rings I liked on etsy since it came to be known that morganites were fairly hard to come by through regular jewelry stores and many Weddingbee posters had found theirs through etsy sellers as well.

One of my favorite etsy sellers was SamNSue. Sue posts tons of photos and videos on their Instagram feed of real rings on her hand to show how the stones shine in sunlight. Here’s an example:

Theo and I considered using SamNSue because they had a variety of morganite work and outstanding reviews. Before he was set to purchase though, I wanted to get sized, figure out which metal(s) I liked and if possible, try on a morganite to be sure I liked it with my skin tone.

At the end of July 2014, after we had spent a Saturday driving around Michigan and seeing the Hidden Lake Gardens, Theo made a surprise pit stop on the way home. He went to Jared (and brought me along).

At Jared, I tried on the three different metals I was interested in: yellow gold (traditional “golden” gold tone), white gold (silver toned), and rose gold (copper-toned). I didn’t like the yellow gold but really enjoyed both of the other two and as a result considered mixing them. I love rose gold and the way it brings out the pink in a morganite but didn’t know how long it would be trendy. It also looked nice on my pale skin with pink undertones.

Since Jared had no morganites, we went to Kohl’s since they supposedly had morganites according to their website. Well, the Kohl’s right down the road had no morganites so our next leg of the journey was only a tiny bit further down the road to… The mall!  At the home of so many jewelry stores we were bound to find at least 1 morganite! And we did, I tried on a morganite in completely the wrong shape but knew immediately I loved the color. Theo liked that it was unique and it would be truly “me”. Several of the rings I tried on that were actual morganites were with rose gold so that was nice to see them together. Once I saw that combo in person, I knew I really liked morganites and rose gold together.

After trying on some gigantic diamonds ( 2+ carats ) and getting some poor advice from a jewelry store (buy a smaller [>.5 carats] diamond because you have small hands) that couldn’t sell us morganites, to find the right approximate carat size, we determined about 1 carat was what I wanted and wouldn’t overpower my small hands. The associate who told us I should just get a smaller diamond (for my small hands) and forgo the dreams of a morganite told us he remembered the manager of one of the chocolate stores in the mall had been looking for a morganite for some time and to ask her where she finally got hers.

Lucky for us, we stopped by the chocolate store and she was there! We asked her about her search for a morganite and she enthusiastically walked us over to Rogers and Hollands to the Assistant Manager who was a friend of hers.  The manager of the chocolate store showed us what they had on display and explained that my dream ring WAS a definite possibility.

We met with the jewelry store Assistant Manager and found a Scott Kay ring style that was perfect– a round center stone, pave (tiny diamonds) on the halo and sides of the band and a raised basket (part that holds the center stone) so I could have a straight wedding band to sit flush against it. Theo got her (and that ring’s) information and we went on our way.

I immediately started doing research on rings with a combination of different metals–especially rose gold and white gold as well as morganites with those two different metals.

Some of these photos came up in my search and were saved to my Pinterest board for jewelry.


I knew I wanted a combo of the rose gold and white gold since I wasn’t happy with committing to one metal. I’ve had success with two-toned metals in the past (my sorority pin from college was white gold and yellow gold) and I got compliments on it all the time, plus it always matched whatever jewelry I was wearing.

via Style Me Pretty

This picture was the one that finally gave me the idea to have the halo in rose gold and the band in white gold. It actually looks very similar to my actual ring but my stone is pink!

Theo contacted SamNSue to order an engagement ring (he even set up his own etsy account–how cute!) but unfortunately they were bogged down at the time and she was unable to stick to the  timeline he had set. He decided to order through Rogers and Hollands since he could pick it up in person and be a little more active in the ring-design process. Plus I had already tried that one on and we both knew how beautiful it was.

So, without further ado, here is my engagement ring!


The round center stone is a 6mm morganite (which equals to about 1 carat in diamond size) with a thin (2mm) pave halo and band. The halo has been dipped in rose gold so it can bring out the peachy-pink tones of the stone. The band is white gold and has the basket raised so the wedding band will sit flush against it. I wanted something dainty for my small hands and this is perfect for me. Before this I never wore rings so I didn’t want something that would create weight on my hand even wearing both an engagement ring and a wedding band (so I wanted a very thin band). I love it so much and I love my fiancé even more for letting me be a part of the process of helping design something so unique!


The ring is from the Scott Kay collection and I’m looking to get the matching  pave wedding band when that time comes. I’m torn between getting the band in white gold or in rose gold… I’ve thought about getting one metal color as my wedding band and maybe another stacking band in the other metal color in the future when we start a family of our own–what do you think? Let me know in the comments!


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