The Wedding That Wasn’t Meant to Be: The Theme That was Scrapped

Once upon a time before we were engaged I was convinced our wedding would be themed “romantic whimsical woodland” which pretty much translated to lots of inspiration from Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, mixed with the wedding scene from Twilight.

Flowy medieval-inspired dresses, woodsy decor, and fairy wings.

bm dress



via etsy


via Polka Dot Bride

I had no intention of wearing a real veil (maybe a birdcage one) and was sure my flower girls would wear beautiful floral crowns.




via etsy

I wanted there to be lots of butterflies because I love them but also because they had a special meaning to me; Theo and I had dated before and broke up and came back to each other because it was meant to be. It always makes me think of the quote “If you love something set it free, if it comes back it’s yours and if it doesn’t, it was never meant to be”. I’ve always pictured that quote as related to butterflies for some reason.

In the wedding I planned in my head from 2012-2013, our ceremony would visually resemble the one in Twilight. Hanging lilacs and a beautiful floral arch.


via Bespoke Bride

 A lace dress with a keyhole back and ferns lining the aisle to my soon-to-be husband.



The reception would be full of gold candelabra, gold chiavari chairs and lots of ferns, moss and hydrangea combined with white roses.


via Wedding Chicks



It would have been gorgeous. There’s no doubt about that, but it ultimately wasn’t meant to be.

Part of why this didn’t come to be was available venue options. There truly aren’t that many places around Northeast Ohio (especially in our price range) that would have given us that kind of look. It’s hard to find a magical spot “in the woods” without things feeling very rustic or very medieval.

On top of that, dating for years and then having an 18 month engagement makes it hard for an artsy person like me to settle on a single idea. Some items were crafted long before we were engaged because inspiration struck. Often it was an inexpensive project, and Theo had no problem with me crafting for our wedding so far ahead when he knew I planned on doing so much on my own (like the card box and flower girl baskets–which I can’t wait to reveal soon!).

I don’t regret changing our theme at all because our new theme feels so much more “me” and true to us than this would have been, even though this woodland inspiration is seriously beautiful. Some things are going to be dramatically different and some things aren’t that different from what you see above. I’m looking forward to the next post where I share our current wedding inspiration!


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