The Dress of My Dreams

After going gown shopping by myself, I had my first crazy wedding dream. In my dream, Theo and I were at the altar on a white horse that was laying down on the ground. (Do horses even do that?!) Everything was royal blue (not our wedding color) and we were getting married in a dark wooden paneled library (we wanted an outdoor ceremony). I had not written my vows in advance and was coming up with them on the spot. Our officiant was missing and we were standing around waiting for them to return. I woke up because I knew it was a dream, because seriously—at what wedding of mine would I not have my own vows prepared? But–the one thing I could not get past about my dream was that I was wearing the dress I had fallen in love with about a week earlier. Maybe it really was “the dress of my dreams”.

But, let’s rewind to what I thought I wanted in a “dream dress”. For years I had thought about what my wedding gown would look like. As someone confident in my drawing abilities I drew what I thought the ultimate dress would look like and found out it almost exactly mimicked this dress from Stephanie James Couture.

My “dream dress” had an A-line skirt with a sweetheart neckline and cap sleeves. The back was a keyhole back and around the bust and bottom of the skirt there would be Alencon or “eyelash” lace. The dress would be tea length and I would wear a birdcage veil with it.

If you’ve read about my initial [woodland] “dream wedding” this really didn’t match the theme at all. But I didn’t care–I loved the lace tea length dress.

After doing more research through Pinterest and reading posts on Weddingbee, I was becoming more open to the idea of a full length gown; more of a only-slightly-poofy tulle ball gown with a similar lace top to my old “dream dress” and possibly no cap sleeves. The dress I was sure I would love was this Allure. All of the real brides I had seen in this gown showed that the v neck was incredibly flattering and the skirt seemed fun without getting too heavy or in the way. And that back was unlike anything I had ever seen.




When I actually went shopping however, I realized the ball gowns whether they were tulle or textured skirts swallowed my petite figure. I had told the bridal consultants that I needed something loose in the hips since my fiance and I would likely be doing a swing dance as our first dance so mermaid dresses were out; it couldn’t be too tight around my butt.

At the first store I went to I tried on the dress I had recently fallen in love with, the Allure 2716 *above* (Which you can see on a real bride if you look at the Weddingbee recaps for Ms. Coral.) Unfortunately this dress really didn’t do it for me like I thought it would. It was actually still far too poofy for me and from trying on some other dresses, I realized I really liked a v-neck shape with a low back. My favorite after the first store was the Patience by Maggie Sottero because it was so soft and lightweight and showed off my body.


The second store I went to was where I had the best experience and where I fell in love with two gorgeous dresses. Months after trying on dresses by myself, this is ultimately where I purchased my wedding dress.

The first was the Wtoo Persephone. It was incredibly comfortable and felt very “me” and the bridal consultant had turned the lights in the store off and shined a spotlight on me to show me how it sparkled. I was sold. I felt like I was ready to walk down the runway or the red carpet, it made me feel so beautiful. I didn’t think I would find anything better until a few dresses later when I tried on the one.



There was one dress left on the rack and I was certain I had already tried it on and nixed it after so many other similar styles were cut for one reason or another. Some had lace that was too “Grandma’s tablecloth”, some had too much beading, some were surprisingly heavy. The bridal consultant was sure I hadn’t put it on yet and convinced me to put it on, and I’m so glad she did.

When I put on the Essence of Australia DJ1367 I had the same feeling as the Wtoo Persephone, that it was beautiful and brought out my best features. There was also something more–it felt bridal. It was the last dress of the day and became the one to beat.



Over the next few weeks I went to more bridal stores and tried on other dresses that I liked, but none even as much as the “second place” Wtoo dress.

Weeks before I actually purchased the dress I went in with Tina, my Matron of Honor to try on the two dresses again, to be sure the lace dress was the clear winner. I quickly found out that the Wtoo sample had been sold off the rack and it was no longer there for me to try on. I laughed and said it was fine because the other one was the one I wanted anyways. Tina got to see me in the dress with and without the lace cover and said how much she loved the lace.

It hugged my butt a little more tightly than I had hoped it would, but that didn’t matter. It was “the one” that I would be wearing on my wedding day.

I scheduled another appointment with my other bridesmaids and Stepmom to make the purchase and now it’s on its way to be made, 9″ shorter than the standard length…even with my 4.5 inch heels to help me out! Per my measurements, I was exactly in between two sizes so luckily she had a sample of a similar dress with the same measurement system in the store in the larger size. It was quite a bit too big so we went with the smaller size–hopefully I might only need minor alterations in the bust! Was “the dress of your dreams” one you actually dreamed about?


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