“Proposing” to the Bridesmaid Brigade

AKA: A Crafting Tutorial for Proposing to your Bridesmaids

I had this idea that there would be a “POP” theme to the gift  as I was “popping” the question to my bridesmaids to be a part of what I’ve been calling my “Bridesmaid Brigade” (literally our private Facebook group is called “Jessica’s Bridesmaid Brigade”). Plus, since so much of the Kate Spade themed decor I’ve seen is relatedly champagne themed ( a la Pop-Fizz-Clink), “POP” seemed like an appropriate idea in more ways than one. So I began by making of a list of items I could include in this “POP” themed gift:

  • Soda pop or Champagne
  • Candy: “Pop” Rocks, Lollipops, Ring Pops (an essential for “proposing” to bridesmaids)
  • Pop Tarts
  • Confetti Poppers
  • Popcorn Mini Bags
  • Bubbles/Bubble Bath
  • Bubblegum

But what should I put the present in? Preferably something relating to the “POP” theme….

via Hobby Lobby

I found these pop-top glass jars (I believe they are pint-sized?) and they were the perfect size to stick a ring pop inside, so that is how this project came to be…long before we were even engaged. And that’s where the project sat incomplete for a few months.

Later on, I bought confetti poppers and bottles of bubbles. During a re-organization of my crafting supplies I had found these little chipboard circles in my crafting stash and painted them hot pink and painted “POP” in a jagged circle with white paint (a la “POW” from a vintage action hero cartoon) and wrote on the other side “Will you be my Matron of Honor/ Bridesmaid?” with a silver sharpie. (Piece of advice: If you are not the best with spacing letters freehand, try using light pencil lines to help yourself and erase or write/paint over top). Before actually trying the chipboard with the jar, I was convinced that the chipboard circles were the perfect size to put inside of the container, either in the bottom or on the inside of the lid–I came to realize they were actually the same size as the lid so there was no getting them inside and they would instead have to stay outside.

Months later, we moved back to Northeast Ohio and Tina randomly texted me on a Saturday afternoon asking if I wanted to get dinner with her and catch up. I knew it was the perfect time to ask her to be my Matron of Honor so I had only a few hours to assemble the gifts (I wanted them to all be the same) and I decided to do it only with what I had already prepared: empty jars, “POP” circles, confetti poppers, bubbles and lastly ring pops I purchased on the way to see her.


I used a low temp glue gun (on purpose, I wanted less adhesion) and some sticker-removal powder on the chipboard itself to let the “pop” top easily come off if they wanted it separate from the jar, or if it was hard to read from opening the jar.

Luckily, I had realized the “POP” side of the chipboard could sit on top and the silver sharpie message could be read through when the jar was opened to reveal the Ring Pop inside. *Ring Pops not shown, like I said I purchased them on the way to see her*


Next, I went on the search for the perfect thing to wrap the whole gift with that would reflect some of our wedding colors. Months earlier I had organized ALL of my ribbon and separated out any I thought I might use for wedding craft projects (anything that matched our theme/ colors). I found one in the bunch that was fuchsia and red with a watercolor effect and a thin band of gold glitter. It was perfect because the stationery I used to write my notes were white and fuchsia with gold freehand-style stripes and so far the jars had the hot pink “POP” tops. I grabbed a sheet of hot pink tissue paper and trimmed it to size to fit in the small jars and it was done! I used the glue gun again to adhere the ribbon around the jar, and around the bubbles and the confetti popper.


It was the perfect little gift and all of my bridesmaids-to-be loved them!

How did you “pop the question” to your bridesmaids?


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