Creating an Intentional Description: Kate Spade in the Garden

So you might have read my last theme-related post where I talked about the original theme. Flash forward to now. I am really inspired by Kate Spade and love her classic, sassy, modern approach. She was my inspiration for my college graduation cap design and an entire design project in school (my degree is in Interior Design), so of course she has helped inspire my wedding vision.

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The colors I chose years ago haven’t changed since the woodland theme but since I have so many butterflies and moss I’m trying to figure out how to tie that in with the modern feel of the Kate Spade theme in my head.

So I decided to take a new approach: mentally start over. Figure out what I want as an end goal and edit things if needed. Consider what was already done and if it could be used as is or salvaged to meet the “new” theme. I’ve been calling my ultimate vision and new build-your-own-lump-sum theme “Kate Spade in the Garden” which reminds me of this Kate Spade ad:

ks1 ks2 ks3

via Kate Spade ad

I also thought about what words I would use to describe our dream wedding:


In fact, if someone tells me they thought our wedding was “fun” or if they “could tell we put a lot of thought” into our ceremony, flowers etc. that would mean so much more to me than someone simply thinking it was pretty. I guess I know no matter what it will be “pretty”, 😉 but I also want to have left a meaningful impression on our guests.

So with this new theme, new inspiration comes to light; and to be honest it is much more “me”. It’s definitely colorful and happy mixed with some classic simplicity. It has found that balance between modern and whimsical. Overall though, it’s going to show that thought was put into every detail so people don’t have to worry about a thing and can just have fun with us. Oh, and everything will be so  pretty.

Here is some of the new photo inspiration for our “Kate Spade in the Garden” wedding.




via the knot


via Grey Likes Weddings


via Wedding Chicks


via Bajan Wed


via Savvi


via Style Me Pretty


via Merrily Wed


via Style Me Pretty


via Weddingbee

white tie



via Wedding Chicks

llama alfred sung watermelon1

via Mrs. Llama Weddingbee



Does it say “Kate Spade in the Garden” to you? What would you call our theme?


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