Planning a Wedding Without my Mom or Sister

It’s definitely weird to think about my Mom and little sister Sarah not being a part of my wedding day and everything that leads up to it. It definitely helps that I’ve had time to grieve over them and that I have definitely brought a part of my Mom into everything by crafting so much. I know that as my guardian angels they’re always with me in spirit.

phone pics2 002

Soon after my Mom’s cancer metastasized (moved) to other parts of her body, I had told Theo I wanted to get married before she died. He agreed. Unfortunately, her decline was while I was still in college and she was gone before we were ever truly ready to get married. My Mom lost her battle to cancer in October of 2011. Before that we lost my little sister in August of 2006 on my first day of Junior year in high school.

It’s sometimes hard to plan our wedding without them, but I’m so lucky to have an amazing “bridesmaid brigade” and stellar Stepmom to help fill in some of those roles (not to mention a sweet and supportive fiance!).

Another thing I’m lucky to have is my mother’s crafting gene. I’m excited to hand-make so many things for our wedding and have unique, customized items for whatever I choose to spend in time and money. That is what makes me a Mostly-DIY Bride-to-Be and lots of handmade touches will bring special thoughts of her to our ceremony.

I’m also planning a special tribute to these two special women in my life who will be watching our ceremony from Heaven, I’ll let you in on that as well! Stay tuned for how to include lost loved ones in your ceremony and your wedding planning adventures!


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