Boosting My Color Palette Confidence via Pinterest

Since Fashion Week ended recently, I started seeing some pins pop up in my Pinterest feed about the color trends for 2016. Since we are getting married in 2016 I was curious–will our wedding be on trend? I guess if it wasn’t it wouldn’t really matter as long as it felt “us” –but when I found out the fashion and color forecasters love the same colors (and patterns) I do I felt even more at ease.


via WWD

Now, not all of the colors of our wedding are “on trend”, (at least according to the all-powerful Pantone). The “radiant orchid” that was the 2014 color of the year which is about the same color as what I keep calling fuchsia, was not included in the Pantone color forecast for Spring/Summer of 2016 but is included in others (like the Marchesa Ready-to-Wear line below). I was also pleased to see that gold glitter and black and white stripes are going to be a big thing next spring! How French!


2016 palette


trend council


stripe trend



Prabal Gurung Spring/Summer 2016 NY via

marchesa1 marchesa2 marchesa3

Marchesa Spring 2016 Ready To Wear via Vogue

Is the wedding you’ve planned “on trend”? Who do you look to follow trends from?


WWKSD? Flower Girl Dress Inspiration

Again, this abbreviation stands for “What Would Kate Spade Do?”this time it was applied to thinking about flower girl dresses.

I had a few ideas about what the flower girls might wear. A lot of the same details that inspired my Bridesmaid dresses came into play for the Flower Girl dresses. I knew I wanted them to be noticeably different from the bridesmaids so since we chose hot pink silk for the bridesmaids that left gold, bows, and stripes open for the little ones. What would be adorably age appropriate but also have a classic Kate Spade-y look for them?

Metallic Gold:


via etsy

fg 3

fg 2

via The Children’s Place



Big Bows:

fg sash


Black & White/ Horizontal Stripes  (or Polka dots?):


via Style Me Pretty







Which is your favorite? What do you think goes well with the fuchsia dupioni silk bridesmaid dresses?

What Color Should My Bridesmaids Wear?

My original answer would have been “fuchsia or hot pink” but my options were narrowed down to WATERMELON or SANGRIA?

If you ask me, both of these names are incredibly misleading.

Watermelon I assume would be a punchy red color oh….like the color of the inside of a watermelon.



And Sangria I assume would be a burgundy color–something resembling the red wine beverage.


But we all know what happens when you assume right?

In the world of Alfred Sung, the maker of the bridesmaids dresses we (bridesmaids and I)  like, Watermelon is more of a purple-y fuchsia and Sangria is a Hot pink with red undertones.

My dilemma: Which one to choose? We loved the Sangria color in person but it photographs so red (so is the nature of a dupioni fabric). The watermelon looks fairly dark and purple-y in person but photographs to the perfect fuchsia I was dreaming of. These pictures on the Alfred Sung website are also very misleading with their manufactured lighting….

Alfred Sung Style D679 in Sangria

via Dessy

Alfred Sung Style D679 in Watermelon

via Dessy

And my own pictures of the samples were confusing things more.

So I went in search of real life photos. Weddingbee was my first stop and really cleared some things up for me. (Once again, Weddingbee swoops in to save the day).

I searched “Alfred Sung watermelon” and several things came up. One, I had seen before and totally forgot about—the picture from Mrs. Llama’s bridal party were Alfred Sung! A couple of her bridesmaids were even wearing “watermelon” and it was just as I had imagined the perfect fuchsia would be!

llama alfred sung

llama alfred sung watermelon 2

llama alfred sung watermelon1

via Mrs. Llama Weddingbee

Another photo of the Alfred Sung “watermelon” dupioni also surfaced on Weddingbee, and the bride even describes the color as “more like a raspberry”–which seems to be an accurate description. Her Mom is featured below in the watermelon dupioni.

alfred sung watermelon

via sillysillybee Weddingbee

I also looked up “Alfred Sung Sangria” to confirm my suspicion that it was photographing too red and once I saw these pictures (and after seeing the others above) I was convinced that watermelon was right for us.


Don’t get me wrong, it’s a gorgeous color; but it’s more red than hot pink and that’s not what I was looking for.

sangria 2

via Poshmark

So, it looks like the final decision is going to be Watermelon Dupioni!

Pinterest-Worthy Project: Flower Girl Basket Reveal!

For my Flower Girls’ baskets I wanted something unique. As I mentioned before, when I worked on these in the first place I was thinking about an Enchanted Forest theme with lots of butterflies and moss. Now they still fit perfectly into our classy garden theme.

I saw these baskets on Pinterest when searching for moss baskets and thought I could create something perfect for the situation on my own without too much expense.


So, after deciding to make them myself and coming upon these moss covered baskets on, I was sold. I was so happy with the price and the fact that I wouldn’t have to figure out how to attach the moss to baskets on my own, plus they were a uniform bright mossy green.

This is what they looked like fresh out of the box!


First, I took the plastic liners out and examined the baskets–most of the moss is attached by being sewn on with green thread which was great for me because it gave me a very woven material to weave more faux flowers and vines into.

I purchased some plastic and paper/wire flower buds and small leaf vines. I trimmed them so each had about an inch of wire “tail” to stuff into the fiber of the basket itself. Most of the plastic vines were about 6″ in length and the paper-wrapped wire flower buds were about 2″ in length. I dipped each tail into a little bit of Elmers glue before sticking it in to help it adhere better. I also used some of the remaining thin wire from the flower buds in about 2″ lengths to make “staples” to help adhere the vines. I folded the wire in half, dipped each end in the glue and popped it in around the vines to help them stay in the wavy vine patterns I desired.

Once I was happy with the sides (and the sides of the handle) of each basket and they were covered fairly evenly, I decided to wrap the top of the handle with red ribbon. I figured since the girls will be about 4 years old, they will not want to get moss scraps on their hands (like had been failing all over me and my floor during this whole project). I also wasn’t sure what kind of dye/ preservatives were in the moss making it so green and I didn’t want that all over their hands either.

I strung more ribbon (two different kinds/colors/widths) down the front and attached the butterflies I had previously painted* on top with hot glue.

* the butterflies were purchased at a craft store as feather butterflies from one of the nature sections. I wasn’t pleased with the color or pattern they came in so I added some personality and uniformity by brushing on watered down acrylic paints ( onto the feather wings) and let the butterflies dry before working with them. [If yours do not have rhinestones or glitter those are also great additions!]

Then, they were complete and ready for my flower girls!

Prepping for Cupcake Tasting: Choosing Flavors

This post looks good enough to eat.

We knew we wanted cupcakes for our wedding, so I talked to Christy, a baker I went to high school with about her doing a miniature wedding cake and cupcakes for our wedding. I’ve been following her on Facebook since soon after she started her business and I’ve seen her post tons of amazing looking cakes and cupcakes and I was anxious to give her a try. After lots of researching and talking to my Dad (who has sold food to restaurants for almost my entire life) we decided there should be four flavors: a “plain” vanilla, a “plain” chocolate, something fruity and one that is a fun flavor that we love.

We figured the “something fruity” would probably be best as a citrus/berry mix of some kind since we are getting married in the summer and it seemed more appropriate (than a fall flavor like apple cider).

We figured the “fun” flavor would be some mix of chocolate and peanut butter or chocolate and caramel.

For tastings she offers two options:

3 Flavors: 1 6 pack with 2 cupcakes of each flavor for $10.00


6 Flavors: 1 12 pack with 2 cupcakes of each flavor for $20.00

If you book with her after your tasting she will deduct the tasting fee from your total.

We decided to go with the 12 because we knew we wanted to try at least 4 (vanilla, chocolate, fruit, fun) and it was perfect because it lets us try 2 options for the fruit flavor and 2 for the fun flavor!

Christy sent me a list of her available flavors and I stalked her Facebook page for photos she had taken of past flavors.

All photos courtesy of Christy’s Cakes & Creations unless otherwise noted.

From her photos and list we narrowed our 6 tasting flavors down to:

1. French Vanilla: French Vanilla cake with Vanilla Buttercream (top right)

And this is essentially what our tasting pack will look like!!


2. Triple Chocolate: Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Buttercream and Mini Chocolate Chips

triple choc

3. Mini Pineapple Upside Down Cakes: (not actually a cupcake, but similarly sized!)


4. Lemon Strawberry: Lemon Cake with Strawberry Frosting (actually featured below are lemon raspberry but ours would look similar)

lemon rasp

strawberry lemon

5. Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter: Chocolate Cake with Peanut Butter Buttercream dipped in Chocolate Shell

chocolate covered pb

6. Chocolate Butterfinger: Chocolate Cake with Butterfinger Frosting

butterfinger only


Some other Honorable Mentions:

Reese’s Pieces (bottom Left) Chocolate cake with Peanut Butter Buttercream and Reese’s Pieces

vanillaThis was a strong contender, it just barely didn’t make the cut.

Buckeye: Buckeye Candy on Top of Peanut Butter Buttercream on Chocolate Cake


Again, it barely didn’t make the cut–we love our peanut butter and chocolate combos!

Chocolate Turtle: (Left) Caramel Frosting on Chocolate Cake with caramel/chocolate drizzle and mini chocolate chips



Basically, for us it came down to the fact that Theo is not “big” on cake. I am the resident Sweet Tooth when it comes to baked goods so I got the final say and I know we are both bigger fans of peanut butter so it made more sense to test out two peanut butter based flavors.

Rainbow Sherbert: Raspberry, Orange and Lime Cake with Raspberry, Orange and Lime Frosting

rainbow sherb

We (my Dad and I) decided although this might taste good, it would likely just be “tutti fruity” where all of the flavors mix together and we were hoping for slightly more mature flavors.

Banana Split: 

banana split 2

These cupcakes seriously look amazing, but the other flavors seemed more seasonal and since this mixed in chocolate it wouldn’t be a “distinct” fruit flavor–plus I have never liked whipped cream and don’t like sprinkles. Maybe that makes me crazy, oh well.

Cookies & Cream/ Oreo: Chocolate cupcake with cookie crumbs baked in and Cookies and Cream Buttercream

oreo cupcake

These cupcakes are always a huge hit (Melanie and I have baked several similar) but these seemed too similar to me to the chocolate cupcakes and again, we are bigger fans of peanut butter than Oreo.

I’m so excited to place our order with Christy and taste these wonderful cakes! I will be sure to post pictures of the actual samples and give a full report on the taste test! Dad and Dorothy will be helping and Theo will probably take tiny bites.

What flavors would you have chosen? Are there any honorable mentions you think should have made the “Final 6”?

Don’t forget to Follow Christy on Facebook!

*Disclaimer: This post was not sponsored in any way, I am completely expressing my own opinions and experiences and genuinely am excited to taste test cupcakes from Christy’s Cakes & Creations.*

WWKSD?: Choosing our Invitations

So… maybe I did this backwards, but I chose our Invitations long before I chose our Save the Dates. What would Kate Spade have done?

Choosing our Invitations was definitely a process I put a lot of thought into because I had a lot to consider. I wanted to really give the right first impression of our wedding theme and design details and I wanted to give this impression as inexpensively as possible. I nor Theo are especially skilled at Photoshop (nor are any of our nearest and dearest) so we were left to purchase a design elsewhere rather than having something hand designed just for us. Thank goodness for the many talented designers on etsy to fill our invitation suite design needs.

Like many other brides-to-be I’m going to use Catprint to print our invitations. I don’t want to deal with the headache of trying to trim and print our invitations at home so their service is sort of perfect. It’s so much cheaper to order these (even after choosing an etsy design) than go through a company that mass produces invitations like Minted or Wedding Paper Divas.

I had decided a while ago (after seeing tons of cute examples on Pinterest and being inspired by Miss Squid) that I would hand-cut wrapping paper liners for our invitations. Since I was having our invitations printed in black and white from an online source, it was also inexpensive to choose colored envelopes from With the cute liners and colorful envelopes it seemed more Kate Spade appropriate to keep the invitation simple to complement everything else. This was also ideal because black ink on white cardstock is the least expensive printing option.

So after hours  weeks of searching etsy for “black and white printable wedding invitations”*, I found the one that had the pieces I wanted, fonts I liked and a design that felt like something from a Kate Spade stationery collection.

Here she is:

bree invite

via etsy


via etsy

bree3 bree 4

via etsy

After ordering multiple samples and examining the color, thickness and sheen of multiple envelopes I decided the hot pink “Razzle Berry” envelopes by Pop Tone were the ones for me.


(I had considered black envelopes with white or gold writing but heard that black envelopes can sometimes have problems with delivery and arrival and didn’t want to deal with that.) The wrapping paper I had found and fell in love with for the liners was gold mylar with large white polka dots but since at the time I only found one roll I also found some black and white striped paper to make up for any shortage.


From here, all I knew about my Save the Dates was that I wanted them to complement the Invitation suite and that the envelopes should be the same color. I’ll keep you updated on what the final version of these looks like!


WWKSD? Black Ink on White Invitations

That abbreviation stands for “What Would Kate Spade Do?” It has been my mantra throughout this inspiration collecting and beginning of the crafting process.

You would think someone as crafty and color crazy as me would have some beautiful, colorful invitation in mind. I’ll be honest, at first I did. It was this design, Sunlit Blooms by Wedding Paper Divas. This invitation is pretty much my watercolor invitation dream that inspired the cake box I made here.


From Weddingbee, I heard about a wonderful printing website that is very affordable called Catprint. They will send you a free sample pack of envelopes and paper samples if you request it through their website. (Which is awesome for choosing your perfect paper thickness and sheen.) However, after pricing out some etsy printable options and pricing out the printed copies on Catprint I see that doing a black and white invitation with colorful exterior elements (i.e. envelopes) will help save a dramatic amount on the invitations and actually do a better job of maintaining the Kate Spade look.

These are some of my inspiration:



So I’m looking to purchase something like the above and use these awesome hot pink and black envelopes from with a liner similar to these wrapping paper collections:







That gold wrapping paper with the large white polka dots will be what I use to line the envelopes with–look forward to a tutorial on how to create your own envelope liners!