WWKSD?: Choosing our Invitations

So… maybe I did this backwards, but I chose our Invitations long before I chose our Save the Dates. What would Kate Spade have done?

Choosing our Invitations was definitely a process I put a lot of thought into because I had a lot to consider. I wanted to really give the right first impression of our wedding theme and design details and I wanted to give this impression as inexpensively as possible. I nor Theo are especially skilled at Photoshop (nor are any of our nearest and dearest) so we were left to purchase a design elsewhere rather than having something hand designed just for us. Thank goodness for the many talented designers on etsy to fill our invitation suite design needs.

Like many other brides-to-be I’m going to use Catprint to print our invitations. I don’t want to deal with the headache of trying to trim and print our invitations at home so their service is sort of perfect. It’s so much cheaper to order these (even after choosing an etsy design) than go through a company that mass produces invitations like Minted or Wedding Paper Divas.

I had decided a while ago (after seeing tons of cute examples on Pinterest and being inspired by Miss Squid) that I would hand-cut wrapping paper liners for our invitations. Since I was having our invitations printed in black and white from an online source, it was also inexpensive to choose colored envelopes from envelopemall.com. With the cute liners and colorful envelopes it seemed more Kate Spade appropriate to keep the invitation simple to complement everything else. This was also ideal because black ink on white cardstock is the least expensive printing option.

So after hours  weeks of searching etsy for “black and white printable wedding invitations”*, I found the one that had the pieces I wanted, fonts I liked and a design that felt like something from a Kate Spade stationery collection.

Here she is:

bree invite

via etsy


via etsy

bree3 bree 4

via etsy

After ordering multiple samples and examining the color, thickness and sheen of multiple envelopes I decided the hot pink “Razzle Berry” envelopes by Pop Tone were the ones for me.


(I had considered black envelopes with white or gold writing but heard that black envelopes can sometimes have problems with delivery and arrival and didn’t want to deal with that.) The wrapping paper I had found and fell in love with for the liners was gold mylar with large white polka dots but since at the time I only found one roll I also found some black and white striped paper to make up for any shortage.


From here, all I knew about my Save the Dates was that I wanted them to complement the Invitation suite and that the envelopes should be the same color. I’ll keep you updated on what the final version of these looks like!



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