Pinterest-Worthy Project: Flower Girl Basket Reveal!

For my Flower Girls’ baskets I wanted something unique. As I mentioned before, when I worked on these in the first place I was thinking about an Enchanted Forest theme with lots of butterflies and moss. Now they still fit perfectly into our classy garden theme.

I saw these baskets on Pinterest when searching for moss baskets and thought I could create something perfect for the situation on my own without too much expense.


So, after deciding to make them myself and coming upon these moss covered baskets on, I was sold. I was so happy with the price and the fact that I wouldn’t have to figure out how to attach the moss to baskets on my own, plus they were a uniform bright mossy green.

This is what they looked like fresh out of the box!


First, I took the plastic liners out and examined the baskets–most of the moss is attached by being sewn on with green thread which was great for me because it gave me a very woven material to weave more faux flowers and vines into.

I purchased some plastic and paper/wire flower buds and small leaf vines. I trimmed them so each had about an inch of wire “tail” to stuff into the fiber of the basket itself. Most of the plastic vines were about 6″ in length and the paper-wrapped wire flower buds were about 2″ in length. I dipped each tail into a little bit of Elmers glue before sticking it in to help it adhere better. I also used some of the remaining thin wire from the flower buds in about 2″ lengths to make “staples” to help adhere the vines. I folded the wire in half, dipped each end in the glue and popped it in around the vines to help them stay in the wavy vine patterns I desired.

Once I was happy with the sides (and the sides of the handle) of each basket and they were covered fairly evenly, I decided to wrap the top of the handle with red ribbon. I figured since the girls will be about 4 years old, they will not want to get moss scraps on their hands (like had been failing all over me and my floor during this whole project). I also wasn’t sure what kind of dye/ preservatives were in the moss making it so green and I didn’t want that all over their hands either.

I strung more ribbon (two different kinds/colors/widths) down the front and attached the butterflies I had previously painted* on top with hot glue.

* the butterflies were purchased at a craft store as feather butterflies from one of the nature sections. I wasn’t pleased with the color or pattern they came in so I added some personality and uniformity by brushing on watered down acrylic paints ( onto the feather wings) and let the butterflies dry before working with them. [If yours do not have rhinestones or glitter those are also great additions!]

Then, they were complete and ready for my flower girls!


3 thoughts on “Pinterest-Worthy Project: Flower Girl Basket Reveal!

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