What Color Should My Bridesmaids Wear?

My original answer would have been “fuchsia or hot pink” but my options were narrowed down to WATERMELON or SANGRIA?

If you ask me, both of these names are incredibly misleading.

Watermelon I assume would be a punchy red color oh….like the color of the inside of a watermelon.



And Sangria I assume would be a burgundy color–something resembling the red wine beverage.


But we all know what happens when you assume right?

In the world of Alfred Sung, the maker of the bridesmaids dresses we (bridesmaids and I)  like, Watermelon is more of a purple-y fuchsia and Sangria is a Hot pink with red undertones.

My dilemma: Which one to choose? We loved the Sangria color in person but it photographs so red (so is the nature of a dupioni fabric). The watermelon looks fairly dark and purple-y in person but photographs to the perfect fuchsia I was dreaming of. These pictures on the Alfred Sung website are also very misleading with their manufactured lighting….

Alfred Sung Style D679 in Sangria

via Dessy

Alfred Sung Style D679 in Watermelon

via Dessy

And my own pictures of the samples were confusing things more.

So I went in search of real life photos. Weddingbee was my first stop and really cleared some things up for me. (Once again, Weddingbee swoops in to save the day).

I searched “Alfred Sung watermelon” and several things came up. One, I had seen before and totally forgot about—the picture from Mrs. Llama’s bridal party were Alfred Sung! A couple of her bridesmaids were even wearing “watermelon” and it was just as I had imagined the perfect fuchsia would be!

llama alfred sung

llama alfred sung watermelon 2

llama alfred sung watermelon1

via Mrs. Llama Weddingbee

Another photo of the Alfred Sung “watermelon” dupioni also surfaced on Weddingbee, and the bride even describes the color as “more like a raspberry”–which seems to be an accurate description. Her Mom is featured below in the watermelon dupioni.

alfred sung watermelon

via sillysillybee Weddingbee

I also looked up “Alfred Sung Sangria” to confirm my suspicion that it was photographing too red and once I saw these pictures (and after seeing the others above) I was convinced that watermelon was right for us.


Don’t get me wrong, it’s a gorgeous color; but it’s more red than hot pink and that’s not what I was looking for.

sangria 2

via Poshmark

So, it looks like the final decision is going to be Watermelon Dupioni!


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