Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! I just wanted to share a picture of the prize-winning cupcakes I made for the Halloween Party that Theo and I went to this weekend!

They were voted “Best Looking Dessert” at the party!

They are regular chocolate cupcakes with white frosting. I made the “glass shards” by making clear hard candy and breaking it into pieces with a hammer. The “blood” is made with food coloring and Karo corn syrup!

*The trick to make them look more real is to put the “glass” in the frosting first where you want then drizzle the “blood” over top, especially on the edges of the “glass”!


Pinterest-Worthy Project: Kate Spade Inspired Bridesmaid Earrings

So I have loved these glittery earrings from Kate Spade for some time.

glitter earrings

via Nordstrom

I knew they would be perfect to match the theme and decor of the wedding, but at about $30.00 a pair, they were a little out of reach budget wise if I purchased them for each bridesmaid. So after reading a few tutorials here, here and here on how others made their own version of these earrings I knew I first needed to find the right earrings.

During occasional trips to Target I was always in search of the perfect medium to large gemstone-shaped earrings to cover in glitter. I was surprised to find multiple pairs of medium round gemstone earrings on the clearance rack in the jewelry section of Michaels. Of the well-assembled remaining pairs, only 2 were pink. I chose the mint green as my second option. I figured if it didn’t work out it was only $1 per pair wasted and I would grab a 5th pair as a backup in case some got really messed up during the experimentation process.

*I’m going to go on record and say I’m not certain how long this glitter will stick to these earrings, I really only want my bridesmaids to wear them for the night so if it only lasts one wear that’s fine with me. If you are following this tutorial in hopes of a nearly-permanent/ long lasting adhesion of glitter to the earrings, you may want to use other products. I did attempt to pick at one to see if it would peel and it did not come off at all.

What you will need:

Inexpensive plastic gem earrings ( to get the most “Kate Spade” look, use oversized square ones)

Clear nail polish

Glitter nail polish (preferably with multiple glitter sizes in the bottle)

Fine colored glitter of your choice

Medium colored glitter of your choice

Base coat nail color of your choice (optional if you like the gem color of the earrings as-is)

Nail cleanser (optional)

I started with one of the mint pairs in case it didn’t work as I had hoped. I first cleaned the plastic gem with the “nail cleanser” from my Formula X kit, which I’m fairly certain is mostly rubbing alcohol and/or acetone. It made the surface of the plastic cloudy which looked like it had more gripping power for the first coat.

Following that, I coated each earring (mint green and berry pink gems) with one layer of the “sangria” dark purple nail polish.  This polish covers well so if yours is sheer, you may want to do two coats. I did this for uniformity of the different gem colors (pink and green), if yours are all the same color and you like the color as is, this step is not necessary.

I let that dry for a few minutes then coated the whole thing with the clear glitter nail polish (you could just as easily use a clear non-glitter polish). I then dunked the sticky surface into the super fine berry pink glitter to coat the whole gem.

I let that sit for a moment to dry then coated over the glitter with more clear glitter nail polish. Following this, I sprinkled on some of the medium hot pink glitter.

Again, I let it sit a moment to dry then added a few coats of the clear large gold glitter nail polish as the top coat until I was happy with the glitter size and color variety.

gold glitter polish

After that, I was done! I left them out to dry overnight.

Happy glittering!

Choosing my Wedding Day Scent

I found out to my own surprise, I am SUPER picky about perfume. I would have never guessed it would be so complicated to find. I got lucky with most of my makeup on the first try for it to be the perfect thing I was looking for. Maybe perfume is a much more personal thing.

Anyways, I went in search of my wedding day scent one day with Tina when we went makeup shopping and the three top contenders were:

Viva La Juicy by Juicy Couture


Daisy by Marc Jacobs


Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet


Upon letting Theo sniff the paper swatches from Sephora, he immediately ruled out my favorite, the Viva La Juicy. He said it smelled too much like my best friend Tina.

My next good idea was to take Theo with me the next time we looked for perfume. We sampled a ton of options at a different Sephora location and…forgot the pen (to label the paper swatches). The time I went with Tina I made the smart decision to write the perfume name on each of the swatches.

The ones we likes together were:

Jimmy Choo Blossom

Live Colorfully by Kate Spade

*actually at Saks Fifth Avenue, not available at Sephora*

Omnia by Bulgari Indian Garnet

Dolce by Dolce and Gabbana


*actually at Saks Fifth Avenue, not available at Sephora*

Midnight Romance by Ralph Lauren

Midnight Romance by Ralph Lauren ended up being the final winner. At this point price wasn’t a concern and I was just trying to find what smelled “like me” and would be a special reminder of our wedding day. Luckily, the one we chose was one of the less expensive options. We decided it smelled sexy and mature but still fruity and fresh. Since high school I’ve been a huge fan of Ralph by Ralph Lauren. It smells young and fruity-fresh. Theo always liked it too. I wanted something that reminded me of it….but also made me feel like “Sadie, Sadie Married Lady”–grown up and old enough to be getting married, but still my young, sweet self.

What scent did you wear on your wedding day? How did it make you feel?

The WHY behind my DIY Garter

So WHY would I DIY my garter when I can easily buy one and gussie (does anyone use that word anymore?) it up to my standard?

1. It’s a challenge that I’m excited to accomplish (like all craft projects start)
2. Because I feel like I stumbled upon a genius opportunity and I will forever be disappointed in myself if I don’t give it the chance it deserves.

Number 2 deserves some further explanation. Which brings me back to our dating story; Theo and I both had dates to the prom for 2007 (his senior year, my junior year). In fact, because of this we had already made plans to ride there and home in separate limo/ party bus groups. After falling out of touch with our dates, we agreed to go together.

Months before Prom, I found a dress I loved in one of those prom advertisement catalogs and went in search of it. When I found it in person, the store only had one 6 sizes too big for me and I found out that they couldn’t order one in my size. Instead I found a different dress in the same color that still let me feel like a princess and a mermaid, here it is hanging on my door after I bought it. (via my cellphone circa 2007)

prom and may 088

prom and may 087

prom and may 086

Anyways, during Prom Theo and I had a great time and during the last slow song of the night he asked me to be his girlfriend.

prom and may 028

prom and may 024

prom and may 023

I had always thought the garter I wore for my wedding should be pretty, but after realizing what an investment the pretty ones could be, I considered making it myself. *At that point in time there were not a zillion etsy sellers making garter sets for under $30. This was 2009. Etsy was still under most people’s radar and there were nowhere near as many designers available. Most of the bespoke bridal garters were lovingly handmade by a couture designer and cost closer to $150 for a customized set.


via Florrie Mitton on etsy $121.00

After some time researching possible inspiration on Etsy, Pinterest and Weddingbee, it came to me. I still had that dress in my closet. In fact, I couldn’t bear to get rid of it because that was one of the best nights of my life and that dress made me feel absolutely beautiful. I realized with all of its tulle, satin and beading I would have enough materials to make lots of garters and pay tribute to the night we became a “we”. I told Theo about my idea and he thought it was perfect. A special way to bring in a different something old.

So, for all of you who made it to the bottom of this post, you get a special reward: seeing us as teens in our classic posed Prom photo. Look at that realistic underwater seascape! And yes, you can totally tell in this picture that he is 16″ taller than I am.

prom green dress

Coming up soon is my tutorial on how I used my old prom dress to make my bridal garter set!