The WHY behind my DIY Garter

So WHY would I DIY my garter when I can easily buy one and gussie (does anyone use that word anymore?) it up to my standard?

1. It’s a challenge that I’m excited to accomplish (like all craft projects start)
2. Because I feel like I stumbled upon a genius opportunity and I will forever be disappointed in myself if I don’t give it the chance it deserves.

Number 2 deserves some further explanation. Which brings me back to our dating story; Theo and I both had dates to the prom for 2007 (his senior year, my junior year). In fact, because of this we had already made plans to ride there and home in separate limo/ party bus groups. After falling out of touch with our dates, we agreed to go together.

Months before Prom, I found a dress I loved in one of those prom advertisement catalogs and went in search of it. When I found it in person, the store only had one 6 sizes too big for me and I found out that they couldn’t order one in my size. Instead I found a different dress in the same color that still let me feel like a princess and a mermaid, here it is hanging on my door after I bought it. (via my cellphone circa 2007)

prom and may 088

prom and may 087

prom and may 086

Anyways, during Prom Theo and I had a great time and during the last slow song of the night he asked me to be his girlfriend.

prom and may 028

prom and may 024

prom and may 023

I had always thought the garter I wore for my wedding should be pretty, but after realizing what an investment the pretty ones could be, I considered making it myself. *At that point in time there were not a zillion etsy sellers making garter sets for under $30. This was 2009. Etsy was still under most people’s radar and there were nowhere near as many designers available. Most of the bespoke bridal garters were lovingly handmade by a couture designer and cost closer to $150 for a customized set.


via Florrie Mitton on etsy $121.00

After some time researching possible inspiration on Etsy, Pinterest and Weddingbee, it came to me. I still had that dress in my closet. In fact, I couldn’t bear to get rid of it because that was one of the best nights of my life and that dress made me feel absolutely beautiful. I realized with all of its tulle, satin and beading I would have enough materials to make lots of garters and pay tribute to the night we became a “we”. I told Theo about my idea and he thought it was perfect. A special way to bring in a different something old.

So, for all of you who made it to the bottom of this post, you get a special reward: seeing us as teens in our classic posed Prom photo. Look at that realistic underwater seascape! And yes, you can totally tell in this picture that he is 16″ taller than I am.

prom green dress

Coming up soon is my tutorial on how I used my old prom dress to make my bridal garter set!


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