Pinterest-Worthy Project: Kate Spade Inspired Bridesmaid Earrings

So I have loved these glittery earrings from Kate Spade for some time.

glitter earrings

via Nordstrom

I knew they would be perfect to match the theme and decor of the wedding, but at about $30.00 a pair, they were a little out of reach budget wise if I purchased them for each bridesmaid. So after reading a few tutorials here, here and here on how others made their own version of these earrings I knew I first needed to find the right earrings.

During occasional trips to Target I was always in search of the perfect medium to large gemstone-shaped earrings to cover in glitter. I was surprised to find multiple pairs of medium round gemstone earrings on the clearance rack in the jewelry section of Michaels. Of the well-assembled remaining pairs, only 2 were pink. I chose the mint green as my second option. I figured if it didn’t work out it was only $1 per pair wasted and I would grab a 5th pair as a backup in case some got really messed up during the experimentation process.

*I’m going to go on record and say I’m not certain how long this glitter will stick to these earrings, I really only want my bridesmaids to wear them for the night so if it only lasts one wear that’s fine with me. If you are following this tutorial in hopes of a nearly-permanent/ long lasting adhesion of glitter to the earrings, you may want to use other products. I did attempt to pick at one to see if it would peel and it did not come off at all.

What you will need:

Inexpensive plastic gem earrings ( to get the most “Kate Spade” look, use oversized square ones)

Clear nail polish

Glitter nail polish (preferably with multiple glitter sizes in the bottle)

Fine colored glitter of your choice

Medium colored glitter of your choice

Base coat nail color of your choice (optional if you like the gem color of the earrings as-is)

Nail cleanser (optional)

I started with one of the mint pairs in case it didn’t work as I had hoped. I first cleaned the plastic gem with the “nail cleanser” from my Formula X kit, which I’m fairly certain is mostly rubbing alcohol and/or acetone. It made the surface of the plastic cloudy which looked like it had more gripping power for the first coat.

Following that, I coated each earring (mint green and berry pink gems) with one layer of the “sangria” dark purple nail polish.  This polish covers well so if yours is sheer, you may want to do two coats. I did this for uniformity of the different gem colors (pink and green), if yours are all the same color and you like the color as is, this step is not necessary.

I let that dry for a few minutes then coated the whole thing with the clear glitter nail polish (you could just as easily use a clear non-glitter polish). I then dunked the sticky surface into the super fine berry pink glitter to coat the whole gem.

I let that sit for a moment to dry then coated over the glitter with more clear glitter nail polish. Following this, I sprinkled on some of the medium hot pink glitter.

Again, I let it sit a moment to dry then added a few coats of the clear large gold glitter nail polish as the top coat until I was happy with the glitter size and color variety.

gold glitter polish

After that, I was done! I left them out to dry overnight.

Happy glittering!


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