Instantly Photogrammed–Coming up with a #weddinghashtag

I’m a fan of wedding hashtags. I love the idea of people taking photos throughout the evening and connecting those memories to our wedding.



Personally I really love the idea of having what will be our shared last name in the hashtag and have seen some really cute renditions for other couples. A great example is Ms. Coral from Weddingbee; their shared last name is McBride so their wedding hashtag was “HereComesMcBride”. When working with Mote it wasn’t quite as easy, especially because some of the wordplay is pretty stretched…(a la “Dean” jokes from Community).


After reading some articles on “Crafting the perfect wedding hashtag” I came up with a few priorities and goals:

1. Nothing that could easily be confusing or misspelled (ie. back-to-back same letters). #sometimeshashtagsarejusttoolong

2. Nothing too generic that it will get our pictures mixed in with another couple on Instagram. #kissme #wedding

3. Nothing that is too far irrelevant from our theme of a modern wedding. #ourdogisnamedteddy

4. Find a way to creatively mix our new shared last name into the hashtag #mixinMote

My Ideas so far are:

#Devoted2Mote or #DevotedToMote

#MoteMeAtTheAltar (my favorite but I scrapped it because when typed lowercase there are 2 t’s in a row leading to easy misspelling)

#MoteLoveBoat (scrapped because nothing about our wedding or honeymoon is related to a boat)


#MyersMoteWedding or #MoteMyersWedding or #MoteWedding (the last one was scrapped because it has already been used on Instagram and could get mixed in with others’ photos)









I think #MatriMotes wins for me personally since I really liked #MoteMeAtTheAltar which ultimately isn’t the best choice. Which is your favorite (OR do you have another recommendation)? I’d love to hear your thoughts! We also love #TotesMotes but aren’t sure the older generation will get it…should we worry? Are they instagramming anyways?


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