My Discount Linens Haul

This was the result of the fact  that it was outrageously expensive just to RENT linens through our venue. I told a little white lie and said a family member wanted to “gift” us our linens from another source to ask if we were allowed to bring them in. Our venue coordinator said yes it was fine to bring in our own linens, but that we were responsible for all setup and teardown of those linens.

I drew ups some ‘mini diagrams’ as examples for Theo to choose from.

I already knew I wanted the fuchsia tablecloth for the cake table and the drawing shows it with lots of little cupcakes.

I also already knew the guest tables would have white table cloths (provided by the venue) with black napkins (provided by the venue) and green vases of red and fuchsia flowers (hand-arranged by us). I also knew I wanted the fuchsia table runners. All of the chairs would have black chair covers and fuchsia bow-tied chair sashes.

But..what would our Sweetheart table be? Black-and-white striped? Gold Sequins? Or, Fuchsia to match the cake table?

We knew it had to be more unique since it was “our” table so the fuchsia was out. I was in love with the gold sequins but really wanted to know what Theo thought. 

I showed my diagram to Theo and he agreed that the gold sequins were the best option for our Sweetheart Table! 

I purchased everything below from for under $375 including shipping and tax. The best part is we can re-sell these items after the wedding to offset their cost, rather than only paying for a one-time use. The only downfalls to the situation are (as previously mentioned) having to set up and teardown ourselves and having to iron and transport everything.


145 Polyester Black Banquet Chair Covers


These were all individually wrapped in small bags and because of that they are incredibly wrinkly and need some major ironing or steaming. If I finish ironing these by the end of March I will be so proud of myself. 

145 Polyester Satin Fuchsia Chair Sashes


These were folded into small bags of 5 each. These were thin and  very easy to iron.

19 Fuchsia Polyester Table Runners


These were in single bags and were pretty easy to iron as well.

1 – 117″ Fuchsia Round Crinkle Taffeta Tablecloth (for our Cake Table)


This was in a decently large bag and was only hard to iron because of its size and round shape, you had to iron out the fold lines and rotate it to make sure you got all sides without letting it completely slide off of the ironing board. 

2 Fuchsia Rectangular Crinkle Taffeta Tablecloths


This was easy to iron because it was rectangular so all of the folds were in rows.

1 – 120″ Champagne (Light Gold) Round Tablecloth (for our Sweetheart Table)


This didn’t need a lot of ironing, because of its weight it didn’t fold tightly in the package. I did make sure to iron this one from the back side.

Admittedly, some of these pieces came with minor staining and/or were not sewed in perfectly straight lines. For the price, I’m willing to make that sacrifice. The polyester table runners were the worst for both issues. ALL of it was shipped in two large boxes literally bursting at the seams. The one box was tearing from the side and each was about 35 lbs. There was no room for other packing material so once I let it tear more small plastic baggies started spilling out.

I will follow-up on this after the wedding and let you know how it was to transport, setup and teardown our own linens. I have everything but the chair covers ironed at this point and if I get done with them by the end of March I will be really proud of myself, if not it will be an ironing party with my bridesmaids when they sleepover the night of my bridal shower! 


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