Choosing Our Save the Dates

As I said in my post about Choosing Black and White Invitations, the Invitation vision came first and to be honest, I’m glad it did. It gave me a solid foundation to work with:

I knew the Save the Dates would either be postcard style and not need envelopes or use the same hot pink “Razzle Berry” Poptone envelopes as the invitations.


Although I’ve liked getting them in the past, I knew I didn’t want to go with magnetic save the dates for us. Lots of people do tend to hang these on their fridge but if all a guest wanted to do was write it on their calendar (or in their phone’s calendar) for months down the road that’s perfectly fine with me —no obligation to hang it up anywhere.

Another thing that was originally “predetermined” about our Save the Dates is that they had to have our picture on them. You see, I have always loved the idea of engagement photos to have pictures in our home of us in normal clothing (not just our formal wedding attire). Theo insists that there’s really no reason to invest in engagement pictures unless we are showing them off on the save the dates. I can get behind that because for any relatives who haven’t met our spouse-to-be they can see how cute we are together. However, it took us a while to commit to a photographer. It took so long to choose them that they were booked and we could only have end-of-fall (November) Engagement photos and I had always preferred end-of-summer/beginning-of-fall  (September) for outfits and our surroundings.

So, Engagement photos were cut.  [Since our photographers had an Engagement session built into our package anyways, we decided to switch it to an “Anniversary shoot” to take place about a year after the wedding. Still giving us an opportunity to have professional photos in “normal” clothes and what a better way to celebrate the “paper” anniversary?!] Without Engagement photos it was clear to me that the Save the Dates would compliment the vision I had for the invitation and give a little taste of what we had planned.

So, (without further adieu) these are the final options for the Save the Dates!


via etsy

bree std

via etsy


via etsy

Next up, our Save the Date Reveal!!






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