Getting Pretty: Hair and Makeup Inspiration

So I made the decision to do my own day-of makeup and/or let my bridesmaids help. After doing research to see how much professional makeup costs (for one day of wear!) I decided although airbrushed has an awesomely professional look and I definitely don’t have those skills myself, it was more worth it to me to spend that money on makeup I can use all the time (and get really awesome at using). I love some of the higher-end brands I’ve invested in lately a la MAC, Tarte and Urban Decay (beyond my everyday Maybelline and CoverGirl).

For my makeup I want to look “sweetly rosy” mixed with “classic bombshell”.

red lip2

Rose red lips and rosy cheeks with neutral but dramatic eyes.

I want the bridesmaids to rock essentially the same look, but the red lips to be replaced with fuchsia.

Bridal Makeup Inspiration:

red lip5

red lip3

red lip1

Bridesmaid Makeup Inspiration:

pink lip 2

pink lip 1

For my hair, Theo expressed that he doesn’t like it all up and would like it down. I think a nice compromise to keep it out of my face and feeling a little more dressy would be to have it half-up with some kind of pretty braid ( or twist?) and curls combo.

Bridal Hair Inspiration:

hair 5


hair 2

hair 7

hair 8

hair 1

Flower Girl Hair Inspiration:

I would love to see those little sweeties with a fun little detail on the top of their heads…maybe a curled ponytail or a little ballerina bun.

fg hair 2

fg hair 3

fg hair1

I haven’t thought too much about Bridesmaid hair..I guess I’m pretty open to whatever they want to do! Any suggestions?


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