What Will the Men Wear? Tuxedos!

Finding the tuxedos was fun. I didn’t have to put anything on for anyone and I got to see Theo’s genuine reaction to trying things on.

We went to two places and I only have photos from one. We went to American Commodore Tuxedo first where our consultant was AWESOME and narrowed things down in the beginning and then helped Theo try things on. The second store we visited was Men’s Wearhouse. Since Theo had tried a few different styles on at American Commodore he knew what he liked and wanted the most similar thing from Men’s Wearhouse. It was more expensive at Men’s Wearhouse and we said, “…well just try it on. If it’s that much better we will go with it.” Unfortunately, they didn’t have the only style Theo liked in the store for him to try on. The only jacket they had in that style was the display—which Theo tried on and looked so silly in…. he’s a tall guy as you know and this was a jacket fit for a small mannequin. So, American Commodore it was…here are the results of Theo’s American Commodore Tuxedo fashion show.

First try: Wing Tip Collar (she said it was “more formal” and he liked that, but neither of us loved it on him) with Regular [straight] Tie:

Second try: Wing Tip Collar with Bow Tie…slight improvement but we decided to try the regular collar

Third try: Regular Collar and Regular Tie

Fourth try: switch it back to the Bow Tie..

Fifth try: Let’s try on the other jacket you liked with the piping detail….oh! Finally a smile! He likes the jacket!

Sixth try: Can we try a REAL hand-tie bow tie? Somebody feels like James Bond over here.

And if we add the vest underneath… what does that look like?

And if we take the jacket off…

This was some MAJOR static cling!

*The shirts are ivory to match my dress and not make it look dingy*

Lastly, this bow tie is the fabric we chose for the pocket squares. I wanted something patterned and I loved the stripes. They had two options, actual black and white striped or this tone-on-tone option which Theo was really drawn to and he picked!

Overall, it was so fun because we liked the same pieces and I let him choose all of it (based on a few inspiration Pins I had). I let him choose from gray, charcoal or black and this was all him. I will have one fashionable groom!

Which combo is your favorite?





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