Finding the Perfect Mother of the Bride Gown

Dorothy and I went shopping to find her Mother of the Bride’s dress and all I can say is I wish we took more photos!! I had asked her to please wear a floor length gown so I wouldn’t be the only one there in a floor length dress.

Dorothy had already looked online and had pinned a few things she liked on Pinterest. She had a specific brand in mind and found a local store that carried that brand, so we started our day at Toni In Style in Chagrin Falls. Toni was very sweet but also very opinionated. The best dress we found at their store was this, we didn’t love the jacket because it made Dorothy look matronly and she has a young spirit and a great body so we didn’t want her to wear something that made her look or feel “old”. This dress was 2/3 the price of my bridal gown [eek!]

Next we stopped by Bridal by the Falls and they only had VERY matronly looking dresses or Bridesmaids dresses. Dorothy tried on one bridesmaid dress but we decided it was not what we were looking for and we moved on.

Next, we went to Matina’s Bridal in Woodmere. This store set us up for some serious laughs so I only wish we had photos. First, we had pulled all of the Mother of the Bride dresses that we thought were sexy but still demure. Lots of them had gorgeous beading details. At the previous stores we had noted her assets and what we wanted to show off with a slimmer fitting gown. The consultant we had at Matina’s was of retirement age and kept pulling dresses that resembled Prom dresses from the 1980s. One literally was a huge poofy off the shoulder gown in teal green. The color looked great on Dorothy (it matched her eyes) but as soon as she looked in the mirror she and I both burst out laughing. She tried one last dress on there and found it was the top contender of the day, this was the style:

sab gown

We were intending to purchase it in solid red.

Following this, we went to lunch and talked about what we had done so far. We made the plan to go to look at Saks Fifth Avenue and Nordstrom at Beachwood Place next.

At Saks, we found a bunch of beautiful options but nothing that was quite right. Finally, at Nordstom we found the winner! It was such a great deal and showed off her great body and has a slight resemblance to the bridesmaids dresses because it has a beautiful cutout! I don’t want to give it away just yet, but I’ll drop a hint in that I found this necklace about a week later that would match perfectly…

I can’t wait for you to see the photos of her in the gorgeous dress!


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