Pinterest-Worthy Project: Valentine’s Day “Pinata” Heart Box

This was the box I filled Theo’s gifts with a few years ago and I’m finally getting around to writing the tutorial for how I made it!

You Will Need:

  •  A Heart shaped box with lid (I used a medium-sized one (about 8″ diameter)
  • Light Pink Acrylic Paint (or mix white with pink or red)
  • Red Acrylic Paint
  • Light Pink Tissue Paper
  • Craft glue
  • Scissors
  • Ruler

First paint the inside of the heart box and the inside of the lid with the red paint.

Once those are dry, you can paint the outside of the box with the pale pink paint.

After that is dry, you can make lines with your ruler 1″ apart.

I had pre-cut 1″ strips of the light pink tissue paper.

I then glued them on as whole strips at 1/2″ intervals (starting at the bottom) and made little snips for the frills once it was attached.

For the bottom of the box, I worked from the bottom point of the heart towards the top curves on each side (always work from the bottom so your frills overlap nicely!) *This is the same way I added the detail to the lid overlap*

For the top of the lid, I added all of the tissue paper before I trimmed around the edge to match the heart shape of the box.

Happy Valentines Day!

What will you fill a heart-shaped box for your sweetie with?




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