The Rings to Rule Them All


If you want to know more about designing my  customized Engagement ring, you can read this past post here.

When we went shopping for wedding rings however, neither of us really knew what we wanted.


Theo guessed he wanted something silver-toned but had never worn a ring and wasn’t sure about styles or widths.

He tried on several different things:

Some black Tungsten, some “pewter” or “gunmetal” Tungsten (his ultimate favorite), some White Gold, some Yellow Gold (his least favorite), and some Platinum.

He really liked how super-lightweight the Platinum rings were, but the warning from the sales person about how easily it could scratch scared both of us away from it.

Theo’s final choice is sort of a “new trend” (or “returning trend”?) in men’s wedding rings. Thin IS IN. A lot of the thinnest men’s rings we saw were 6 or 7mm thick. The one he chose is 4mm and is the thinnest men’s ring we could find.

We ordered it in the “pewter” or “gunmetal” Tungsten.



I wanted mine to complement my Engagement ring, so I figured the band would probably be Rose Gold, since the halo around my Morganite is Rose Gold.


I also wanted to be able to wear my “real” wedding band to work. I work at a paint store and no longer wear my Engagement ring there after I got liquid wood stain stuck under the main stone. Since then, I have been wearing my class ring from High School (I always just tell people it’s because we’re high school sweethearts! ha!).

So I was torn— Do I get the pretty sparkly pave band with the tiny diamonds that matches the band on my Engagement ring OR do I get a plain band? Decisions, decisions. I tried on lots of both with my Engagement ring and wasn’t satisfied at all. Nothing looked right and nothing sat right against my engagement ring.

Part of my problem was something that I never even knew was a problem until we were shopping that day. A little bit of the basket (holder for the main stone) for the morganite on my Engagement ring sticks out and a straight wedding band does not sit flush against it. I was very upset. I thought we picked this ring because the basket sat higher and that wouldn’t be a problem. Well, now there was another issue to deal with (besides my inability to choose between pave and solid rings).

Luckily, the Assistant Manager at the jewelry store swooped in with a solution I originally would have never considered, a band with a little curve to fit around the Engagement ring. I reluctantly tried it on…AND IT WAS PERFECT. Well, at that point I was sold on the pave band. The problem still remained though, I couldn’t risk wearing my diamond ring to work where I get all kinds of harsh chemicals on my hands everyday.

Theo looked me straight in the eye and said, “Just get both”. It was the most freeing phrase I had heard all day and all of my upset melted away. I knew he was right. The plain rose gold band was inexpensive so it wasn’t a huge budget breaker to get both. I could wear that one to work without worrying about it AND I would also have the pretty ring to match my Engagement ring that I love so much. #spoiled

Everything had to be resized and custom ordered (the pave band I tried on originally was white gold and had to be rose gold dipped) and my Engagement ring was FINALLY cleaned (of the wood stain) and correctly resized to fit my finger.

6 weeks later….and here they all are!!

I missed my engagement ring and I’m so glad she’s home for good! Home, well-fitting and sparkly clean!






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