Pinterest-Worthy Project: Moss Wire Table Numbers


I saw these on Pinterest via Wedding Chicks and fell in love, I knew I had to make my own version. They brought another moss element to our wedding decor like the Flower Girl baskets I decorated and tied in with the green glass vases I have been collecting for the centerpieces.

My first try at creating moss decorated table numbers was a flop. It was going to be pretty expensive and incredibly labor intensive…and I wasn’t even happy with the result. There was no making myself push through. Originally, I had bought some flat wooden hearts to cover in moss sheets on both sides. I was going to attach these moss hearts to thin wooden rods and stick it down inside of the table centerpieces. I painted these small wooden numbers to adhere onto the moss covered hearts. *I have since found uses for all supplies except the tiny numbers and the wooden hearts.

As I went along, I realized this project wasn’t what was going to be best for me. More importantly, it wasn’t going to make me happy.

1.The numbers were too small–only about an inch tall and that would make it hard to read when guests tried to find their tables (especially if the room is dimly lit to set the mood).

2. I only purchased enough numbers to put them on one side of the moss heart. (Making it less likely to be read/seen).

3. Cutting the moss was messy and difficult, especially because it had adhesive on the back and that was jamming up my “good” scissors. The moss was also fairly expensive and I would need enough to cover the front and back of each heart. I didn’t have the patience to think about hand-cutting all of those and trimming each one to look like the perfect little flat shrub.

4. The moss had “bald” spots so I had to adhere the wooden pole to the wooden heart THEN paint it green so it wouldn’t show bare wood through the bald patches.

In the end, I decided maybe I would invest in a set of wooden numbers and cover those in moss (probably harder than covering those hearts) or just paint them gold. Something like this:


That was until I saw these adorable moss wire numbers. They looked fairly easy to assemble and were classy and mossy.



I followed the first part of their tutorial on how to make the shaped moss numbers, and this was actually wayyyy faster than I would have guessed. I figured out how many I needed of each number and made all of each number at once. *Lots of number 1s!!* This was quick because once I decided how to make each number bending the wire was simple. I did use some needle-nose pliers wrapped in tape to bend the moss wire. (I wrapped them in tape to avoid damaging the moss). Keeping the wire numbers closed was the hardest part; to have closed numbers either requires some wire overlap (to bend or twist them together) OR gluing the ends together with a hot glue gun. I opted for wire overlap of about an inch.

I found a font I liked and printed them once I was satisfied with their size. I knew I wanted them to be about 4″ tall. (If you are unsure of their height and want to know without printing you can always use the ruler function on your word processing program and it will show you.)

The butterfly accents were something I had lying around waiting to be used for a wedding project. These butterflies were leftover from my mother’s crafting stash and I painted them based on their current color. Most of them were originally shades of brown (like real butterflies are). I painted them pink, red and black.

I painted them with watered down acrylic paints and let them dry.


After they were dry, I prepared to glitter them.

I watered down some glue and painted that on the butterfly wings and sprinkled glitter and itty bitty texture beads on top (more awesome stuff inherited from Mom’s crafting stash).

Instead of adding tiny dried flowers to my moss numbers (like they did at Wedding Chicks) I added my painted and glittered butterflies, plastic vines (used in several other projects), wired plastic gems and some mini ribbon roses. I used “avocado” [moss green] acrylic paint on the slim wooden poles that I will stick down inside of the floral arrangement. All pieces were arranged differently on each number and were attached with hot glue.

Teddy was trying to help me photograph them.

Teddy is really not a good photography assistant. He makes a better door than a window.

I couldn’t resist pulling the numbers together that will be our wedding day!

I can’t wait for you to see these in our floral arrangements!




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