One hundred.

That’s right. We are at the 100 day mark! Only 100 days until I get to marry my long time sweetheart! The photo below is from our first date in April of 2007.

The photo below is from a recent date—do we even look the same almost 9 years later?!?

In 100 days I will be a Mrs.! That’s so weird to say but also SO exciting. I’m pretty sure that true “I’m getting married” feeling hasn’t kicked in yet. Right now I’m still worried about hiring certain vendors and getting crafts finished. I know there is still so much to do and get booked and get finished (I’m pretty sure my WeddingWire checklist is way MORE than 100 items long!) but we also finally get to jump into all of the really fun stuff! Why hello menu tastings and bridal showers….I’ve been waiting for you.

What do YOU have to look forward to other than watching me slowly be completely consumed by “bride brain”? Tons of new content coming at you about the BIG stuff. “Big stuff” like all of the details on pre-wedding parties, my (many) finalized craft projects, creating playlists, writing our custom ceremony, and more. I will do my best to take as many photos as possible along the way to document this special time in our lives.



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