Pinterest-Worthy Project: The Littlest Basket

The littlest basket is for the littlest flower girl. I’m not sure if you noticed last time I posted about the flower girl baskets I had three completed baskets. These were for the three older girls who will all be almost 5 at the time of our wedding. The littlest flower girl will be just past 2 at the time of our wedding. We aren’t really expecting anything out of her, if she wants to walk with the older girls she can but she doesn’t have to (they can be unpredictable at that age!) However, IF she wants to participate I wanted her to have a basket “like the big girls” so she feels included.

I ordered another basket from in a smaller size than the first three. I was so excited when I opened up the box to see this adorable bitty little moss basket.

I started to weave the vines and small pink flowers into the basket like the larger baskets. For the full tutorial, read this post.

Next, I tied on the same ribbons as on the larger baskets.

Then, I wrapped the red ribbon around the handle so she won’t get tiny moss pieces all over her hands.

Next, I added the EXTRA LARGE glitter butterfly I found with hot glue.

Yes, that is Gilmore Girls on in the background.

Isn’t that butterfly amazing? It makes me think I might need to add some additional glitter to the others…Theo is worried the older girls (like her older sister!) will be jealous!






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