Pinterest-Worthy Project: Gold Glitter Bridesmaid Hangers

I was inspired by some adorable (but fairly expensive) gold glitter hangers I saw on Pinterest and etsy. I decided that I could make these myself for much less.



I started by purchasing this set of hangers from Wal-Mart for $5.00.

I popped the bottom rod out of all of them. To do this, I stepped on them and pulled upward on the sides. If you do this, be careful you don’t damage the hangers!

For one, I intended to put “bride” in metal wire letters on in place of the rod, so I practiced with some gold wire I had. I used needlenose pliers wrapped in masking tape so I wouldn’t scratch the gold off of the wire.

I used some sanding blocks to sand the polyurethane and stain off of them. I also filled the nail holes (from the poles on the bottom) with wood filler and let it dry and sanded those areas.

Since not all of the stain came off easily, I wiped them down (to get any residual stain powder off) and I spray-primed them as well with an oil-based primer. (Anything oil based will help seal in the stain, something water based could let it bleed through which you don’t want).

Before I did any painting or priming I wrapped some masking tape around the metal part of the hanger to keep it from getting painted.

After letting that dry, I sprayed them each with two light coats of Krylon Shortcuts in Metallic Gold. *This seemed to be one of the most “true gold” spray paints I could find.

After that dried, I sprayed each one with a coat of Krylon Glitter Blast in Gold.

I let them dry one last time and then I tied a black and white striped ribbon in a bow at the top for each of the bridesmaid’s hangers. And voila; they were complete and ready for dresses!

Ted likes to play Assistant Photographer/Lap Warmer. With that smile, I generally always let him help.


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